World-Class Videos on a Church-Size Budget.


Your weekly church video announcements.


Picture this: Each week, your church video announcements are ready to go. No more wincing at amateur editing, bad camera angles or poor voice-overs. No excuses. No hassles. No surprises. Just great video for an awesome message! Your videos have never looked (or sounded) so good, and that makes your church look even better. The congregation can’t wait for next week. Your InBox is loaded with emails saying: “Pastor! Our CHURCH VIDEOS ROCK!”

With your busy schedule in mind, we offer an easy, affordable, and professional solution to your weekly church video announcements! —

Introducing: SHOUT OUT!

Shout Out!

Weekly Video Announcements Subscription Service

Stop relying on overworked staff and under-experienced volunteers. 

Sign up for SHOUT OUT!, our subscription service, and your church’s video announcements will be ready to go each and every week! We’ll include video footage of your congregation, plus graphics and bulletin announcement text you furnish to us. Then... let us take it from there! Every week, you’ll receive a 90-second SHOUT OUT! announcements video, ready for you to play in your weekly church services.

  1. Professional quality. Done right.

  2. Every week. On time.

  3. Affordable. No surprises. Always on budget.

  4. Fast-paced. Cool design elements.

  5. 90-second timeframe.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for our Shout Out! weekly video subscription service.

  2. You decide each week which 3 or 4 top announcements to feature.

  3. Upload your content and text to us 10 days before show date.

  4. Choose your preferred format: mpeg, wmv, mov or flv.

  5. Download finished video, ready to go and ready to show in your weekly services.

Your church video announcements. Done!

Sign Up Today for a Free Consultation - Your Church Video Announcements will Rock!

I’d love to assist your church in developing a great strategy for your CHURCH VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Please email me: Let’s give God our best and foster a great environment for worship!

Call us!

You can check Video Announcements off your to-do list!

We can also help you with:

Testimonial Stories

Video can tell a human story or put a face on a special program. See Life Group Stories demo for an example.

Church-wide promos

Want to highlight all of your church ministries and departments? We can help! See Ministries Demo for a 2:00 sample.

Sermon Bumpers & Sermon Series Promos

A great way to promote and setup your sermon series or a unique sermon topic is a Sermon Series Bumper. This one is for the series “THE TRUTH ABOUT...” Click for the Sermon Bumper Demo.

Music Videos COMING!

Music + video can pack a one-two punch that’s unbeatable! We can design a video as a self-contained package, or to accompany a live vocalist, or with a click-track for a live worship segment. See Demo  for our WHAT IF? example.

No Risk. No Obligation. Email us today for a free consultation.

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